In Australia backpackers have for years relied on fruit picking as a source of income while travelling throughout the country. The Australian government introduced a 12 month visa extension for travellers who work 3 months plus in approved regional areas throughout Australia.

Harvest picking work is Australia is available throughout most states and differs from state to state on which type of work is available at any given time of the year. It’s perfect for backpackers who which to travel around Australia and work as they go.

Harvest work in regional areas is an excellent option for making money quickly. Backpackers also find they spend much less money while doing so which is an added bonus. Pay rates vary from job to job and usually one of the following:

– piece rate
– bucket rate
– cart rate

So the amount you can earn will vary depending on how much fruit you can pick in a given amount of time. Often work is not available if the regions harvests have been effected by bad weather, late harvests or too many workers.

For backpackers, fruit picking can be a rewarding experience but it’s not for everyone. The work is hard and exhausting and takes it toll on workers backs and legs. Workers can often work from sunrise to sunset and given that the work is often in very remote regions, chances are their’s not a pub or cafe near by to unwind at the end of the day.

Fruit picking does give backpackers an excellent opportunity to see Australia, meet some locals and other travellers and no doubt have a good laugh and most importantly earn some money to get by while travelling around Australia.

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